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Netscape 4.79

Netscape 4 series was a very popular browser back in the early 90s. It is still widely used due to its easy interface and familiarity.
Unfortunately, Netscape 4 is built on very old foundations. It has major problems viewing many new webapges (most webpages are now designed for Internet Explorer first). Paticularly, Bank Webpages often have major problems working with Netscape 4. For this reason, it is highly recommended that anyone using Netscape 4 upgrade to either Internet Explorer (which will usually already be on your computer) or a newer version of Netscape. You can either download Netscape from the homepage ( or install it from the Shoalnet setup CD.

Open Netscape Communicator by double-clicking on the Icon

Netscape 4.79

Once Netscape is open, click on the Edit Menu and then click on Preferences.

Netscape 4.79

This will open the Preferences screen.

The address listed in the Location field will be the webpage that starts when Netscape starts.
This will usually be set to the Shoalnet Homepage (i.e., although you can change this to your own personal preference eg Sydney Morning Herald Homepage or Google

Under History, whatever number of days you specify in here will be the number of days that Netscape will keep track of the pages you have visited . You can erase this history at any time by clicking on the Clear History button.

Netscape 4.79

Click on the arrow to the left of the Advanced button, which should expand out. Once expanded out, click on the item named Cache.
This is where webpages are stored on your hard disk drive after you have visited websites. To clear the Cache, click on Clear Disk Cache & Clear Memory Cache button.

Netscape 4.79

Click on Proxies on the left hand side. Make sure that Direct connection to the Internet is selected.

Netscape 4.79

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