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What is a Modem/Router ?

The Modem/Router is the box that the telephone line and network cords plug into.
A routers function is to decide where to send the packets of data that pass through a gateway (a gateway is where two networks join - in this case your PC and the Internet). It decides where to forward a packet of data in order to ensure it gets to its destination in the most effective path.


What is a Web Browser ?

A Web browser is a program that allows you to 'surf' the internet. A few common Web browsers are Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and so on.


I cannot log into the Router, it keeps on wanting me to Dialup or I cannot get webpages?

Open up Internet Explorer, then from the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
Click on the Connections tab then click the circle next to Never Dial a Connection.
Still in this window, click on LAN settings.
Ensure that there is a tick in the box (Automatically detect settings) and no tick in the box next to (Use Automatic Configuration Script).
Click on OK, then OK again. Try logging into the router again.


I cannot receive my e-mails in Outlook Express, it keeps wanting me to Dialup to the Internet. ?

Open up Outlook Express, then from the Tools menu, select Accounts.
Click on the Mail tab.
You should now see the accounts already setup in Outlook Express.
Choose the account you want to change, then click on Properties on the right hand side.
Click on the Connection tab at the top of this box.
Under the heading Connection, you will see an option Always connect to this account using, then a drop down box. Ensure that this is set to Local Area Connection, then click on OK.
Click on the Close button.


My ADSL is not working, what do i do ?

The first thing to do is to reboot the ADSL Modem/Router.
To reboot the router, unplug the Power Cord from the back of the router.
Wait approx 20 minutes and then plug the Power cord back in.
(This is to give the ADSL time to reset itself at the telephone exchange)
Allow up to 5 minutes for the router to get back online.

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