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Office: 12 Scott St
Wondai, QLD, 4606

Mail: 12 Scott St
Wondai, QLD, 4606



Shoalnet Wireless Broadband

Shoalnet Wireless Broadband

"*Are you always waiting to use the local net cafe?*
**Sick of the dialup speed when you are away from home or work?**
***Looking for FAST Internet but can't get ADSL on your home line***

Shoalnet WBB is for *YOU*

Call Shoalnet on 0244225014 for more details.

Anti Spam measures implemented.

In an effort to reduce the amounts of unsolicited commercial email (UCE) entering our network we have configured domain name service black lists. These black lists contain internet addresses of well known spamming companies and individuals. Our mail servers now reject any connections that occur from these identities.
The black lists we use and information on them can be found by clicking on the linked images below.
Spamhaus Spamhaus


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