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Shoalnet is pleased to announce the arrival of ADSL accounts. ADSL is a broadband internet connection, capable of downloading at speeds of up to 1.5mbit/s - Nearly 50 times quicker than a standard Dial-Up connection. We have developed a FAQ page for any questions that you may have concerning ADSL.

Pricing Details:

Speed Plan Type Conditions Price
256k Unlimited   $65
256k Capped 1000mb/Month. 11c/mb extra $50
512k Unlimited   $98
512k Capped 1500mb/Month 11c/mb extra $70
1.5m Unlimited   $200
1.5m Capped 2000mb/Month 11c/mb extra $125
  • $125 Up Front Connection Fee applies to all accounts ($110 refundable if unable to get ADSL - Due to Telstra charges, not all is refundable.)
  • A minimum 6 month contract applies to all accounts
  • $150 disconnection fee if within contract period
  • Fixed IP available for additional $10/month
  • Extra data charges will be added to next months bill.
  • All accounts will be provided with a backup Dial Up Account
  • 10mb of Web Storage Space
  • 5 Email Addresses

Hardware / Modems :

D-Link DSL 504 External Modem/Router with 4 port Switch: $150 (pre-configured for use by Shoalnet)
Central Line Filter : $35
In-Line Line Filter : $25

Shoalnet will not provide in-depth technical support for modems purchased outside of Shoalnet. We will be more than happy to help, but may not know the specifics for different modems. The Shoalnet bought modems will be pre-configured to "plug in and go".

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