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The purpose of this page is to make available the many Messages given by God to other Seers around the world. Many of these Seers have received Messages about the Little Pebble and the sign of these times. For many years our Office has promulgated these Messages through ordinary post mail to a large number of Promoters around the world. These Seers have had the added benefit of having some of their Messages available online to a much larger number of people. At the request of certain Promoters in particular countries -- the signature of the Little Pebble is appended to the end of each Message to indicate that it is formally promulgated by him.

Other Seers and their Messages
This Page covers the following Topics:


Updated: 18 January 2006


The Following Messages are Posted for Immediate Release Online because of the important content relative to current events in our world. They are confirmed as True and signed by the Little Pebble:

Message dated 31 December 2005 (posted here 18 January 2006)
Little White Lily (New Brunswick, Canada)
SUMMARY: A short Message from the Mother of God at the Bethlehem Community in New Brunswick, Canada. Our Lady speaks tenderly of Her Love for Her Little Pebble

Message dated 15 July 2005 (posted here 4 August 2005)
Message dated 20 July 2005 (posted here 4 August 2005)
Message dated 6 August 2005 (posted here 11 August 2005)

SEER: Juliano (Reunion Island)
SUMMARY: These Messages are from the Eternal Father  and also the Mother of God. The Eternal Father and Our Lady uphold the Little Pebble in this time of his suffering through the aftermath of the Jury Verdict in the Court Case.

Message #1 dated 12 April 2005 (posted here 14 July 20005)
Message #2 dated 12 April 2005 (posted here 26 August 2005)
Rosary Chaplet of the Immaculate Conception dated 28 June 2005 (posted here 26 August 2005)
Olya, Dove of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Ternopil, Ukraine)
This Message is from a Seer named Olya, in the Ukraine. The Holy Place near Source in Ternopil. She has received Messages from the Mother of God since June 13, 2003. She has now received over 200 Messages from Jesus and Mary. We received a collection of Messages via email on 10 July 2005. The Message #1 (12 April 2005) is much longer, but this section refers to the Little Pebble by name.  In the section just before this extract Our Lord is speaking of the Mother of God and Her Title: "Co-Redemptrix" asking all peoples to accept Her in this Role which caused Mary to suffer to such an immeasurable degree for our Salvation. It is significant that Our Lord is upholding once again, the Little Pebble as the last Pope.

Message dated 29 April 2005 (posted here 3 May 2005)
SEER: Juliano (Reunion Island)
SUMMARY: The Eternal Father gives a Message to comfort and guide His children at this time. To bring unity among God's Children and in particular to be united with the Little Pebble -- is the main theme of this Message.

Message dated 31 December 2004 (posted here 3 February 2005)
SEER: Golden Rod of Virtues (Australia)
SUMMARY: This Message is from the Eternal Father. He addresses the signs of these times and the Warnings from Heaven over so many years which are not heeded. God is raising up more Communities and more Priests. Upholds the Little Pebble and the fulfilment of Prophecy. Encouragement to stay strong in faith and remain in the truth.


Message dated 8 July 2004 (Posted here 10 July 2004)
Rose of Holy Innocents (Australia)
SUMMARY: This Message is about a new Chaplet prayer given to the Little Pebble and promulgated on this Website for the first time: 10 July 2004. The Chaplet honours the Eternal Father in a special way through a devotion to the Dolorous Passion of Jesus and Mary. See the page: Chaplet


Messages dated 19 June 2004 (Posted here 24 June 2004)
SEER: Rose of Holy Innocents (Australia)
SUMMARY: This Message is a reply from the Mother of God to two questions addressed to Her by the Little Pebble in March 2004. The answers of Our Lady give more clarity to the problematic issue of time -- particularly regarding the year 2000. Secondly, Our Lady speaks about Her precious son Mel Gibson.


Message Collection dated 3 December 2002. Posted here 30 January 2003
SEER: A Seer in Spain
SUMMARY: This is another Message named "Confidence 484" from the Seer in Spain. This is an English translation. This Message deals with the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement in the contexts of the Sacred Scriptures. Our Lord gives a commentary on chapter 24 of Saint Matthew's Gospel.


Messages dated January 1997 Posted here 23 July 2002.
SEER: Dr. Mary Jane Even
SUMMARY: These Messages are very important for an adequate understanding of THE GREAT WARNING. This Message is being sent to all of our Promoters.


Message dated 3 October 2001 Posted here 22 July 2002.
SEER: A Seer in Spain
SUMMARY: This Message is named "Confidence 655" from a Seer in Spain and was recently (June 2002) translated by one of our Promoters there. It is a very important Message dealing with the SIGNS OF THE GREAT WARNING. The Little Pebble has authorized its contents by his signature and sent this Message out to all of our Promoters.


Message dated 1st January 2002
SEER: "Little Arrow of God" (USA)
SUMMARY: Our Lady encourages Her children to have hope. Much will come to pass with lightening speed ... many are dragging their feet ... judgment is at hand ... pray for God's Mercy ...


Message dated 21st May 2001
SEER: "Yellow Lily "(Canada)
SUMMARY - Our Lord: "... Very soon from the sky, comes the sign most terrifying ... Do not believe the world's scientists ... The men of science will mask you from reality, until the brink is upon you, until the terrible light is inches away above the Earth ..."


Message dated October 2002
"The Two Patrick's" (Ireland)
SUMMARY: This Message is actually 41 pages in length. The Little Pebble extracted these (6) pages as particularly significant. If you would like to read the full Message it is recommended that you send an email to the Two Patrick's in order to have this Message sent to you in full. They also publish a Newsletter which is very good.


Message dated 7 November 2002
"Yellow Lily" (Canada)
SUMMARY: The Canadian Seer receives a Message from Our Lord upholding the Little Pebble's innocence in the current Court proceedings.



The Following Messages from certain Seers are Posted here. There is no particular urgency. These Messages are also confirmed as true and signed by the Little Pebble:

Message dated 8 May 2004
SEER: "Honeysuckle of Heaven's Dew" (Australia)

Message dated 26 October 2003
SEER: "Angel Rose" (Australia)

Message dated 9 October 2002
SEER: "Yellow Lily" (Canada)

Message dated 28 April 2002
SEER: "Little Angel Knight" (Australia)

Message dated 14th April 2002
SEER: "Little Angel Knight" (Australia)


Mail-Outs sent to our Promoters:

Mail-Out: November 14, 2002
SEER: Yellow Lily (Canada), Two Patricks (Ireland), Sr. Immaculata (Spain)

Mail-Out: July 22, 2002
SEER: Roselily (Australia), Two Patricks (Ireland), Little Pearl of Prayer (Germany)

Mail-Out: July 18, 2002
SEER: Spanish Seer

Mail-Out: July 15, 2002
SEER: Dr. Mary Jane Even (USA)

Mail-Out: May 29, 2002
SEER: Little Angel Knight (Australia)

Mail-Out: April 19, 2002
SEER: Yellow Lily (Canada)

Mail-Out: December 5, 2001
SEER: Sansarta (Austria), Yellow Lily (Canada), Little Iris of the Blessed Sacrament (France)

Mail-Out: October 22, 2001
Yellow Lily (Canada), Sansarta (Austria)

Mail-Out: September 21, 2001
Sansarta (Austria)

Mail-Out: August 31, 2001
Golden Rod (Australia), Angel Rose (Australia), Yellow Lily (Canada), Sansarta (Austria)

Mail-Out: August 27, 2001
SEERS: Golden Rod (Australia), Yellow Lily (Canada)

Mail-Out: August 2, 2001
Yellow Lily (Canada), Sansarta (Austria), Golden Rod (Australia)

Mail-Out: July 18, 2001
SEERS: Yellow Lily (Canada)

Mail-Out: June 25, 2001
SEERS: Yellow Lily (Canada), Sansarta (Austria)

Mail-Out: June 14, 2001
SEERS: Yellow Lily (Canada)

Mail-Out: May 8, 2001
SEERS: Yellow Lily (Canada), Sansarta (Austria)

Mail-Out: March 26, 2001
SEERS: Sansarta (Austria)

Mail-Out: February 14, 2001
SEERS: Little Iris (France), Little Rose (France), Little Dominic (France)

Mail-Out: January 7, 2001
Seers: Little Grain (Australia), Golden Rod (Australia)



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