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The Apparitions of the Mother of God to the Little Pebble have been public since 1983. The Messages are recorded and then typed by our Office Staff at the Community of Gethsemane, Cambewarra, N.S.W. Australia.

We have over 50 major Promoters around the world who receive the Messages by post mail. These Promoters photocopy the Messages and translate the text into the local language if necessary. The task of these Promoters is to mail-out the Messages in bulk lots to their respective mailing list. This is a wonderful apostolate for many good souls who want to do something for Our Lady.

The material sent out from the main office in Cambewarra includes not only Messages, but also other documents such as announcements, press releases, and current events (like world trips, retreats, etc.). These also are sent out by the Promoters.

If you are interested in promoting the Messages to the world, you do not need any special permission to do this. This is left up to your faith, charity and means available to you. As time passes we hope to be able to have all of the Messages on-line for easy access to you and your ability to print them at your home or office. If you desire further information on how to do this  -- then please contact our Office.


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